Rio Scale Calculator 
Rev. 1.2, adopted September 2003



Use the boxes below to describe the SETI detection you wish to analyze. Select one option in each of the four boxes. The importance of the event, estimated on a scale of zero (none) to ten (extraordinary), is displayed at the bottom of the page.


Class of
Earth-specific message, or an ET artifact, capable of contact, or a physical encounter
Omnidirectional message with decipherable information, or a functioning ET artifact or space probe
Earth-specific beacon to draw our attention, or an ET artifact with a message to mankind
Omnidirectional beacon designed to draw attention, or an ET artifact with a message of a general character
Leakage radiation, without possible interpretation, or an ET artifact the purpose of which is understandable
Traces of astroengineering, or any indication of technological activity by an extant or extinct civilization at any distance, or an ET artifact, the purpose of which is unknown
Type of
SETI/SETA observation; steady phenomenon verifiable by repeated observation or investigation
Non-SETI/SETA observation; steady phenomenon verifiable by repeated observation or investigation
SETI/SETA observation; transient phenomenon that has been verified but never repeated
Non-SETI/SETA observation; transient phenomenon that is reliable but never repeated
From archival data; a posteriori discovery without possiblity of verification 
Within the solar system
Within a distance which allows communication (at lightspeed) within a human lifetime
Within the Galaxy
of Report:
Absolutely reliable, without any doubt
Very probable, with verification already carried out
Possible, but should be verified before taken seriously
Very uncertain, but worthy of verification efforts
Obviously fake or fraudulent 


Rio Scale Value
and Importance: 0 - None



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