SETI Post-Detection

A Post-Detection Subcommittee has been established, to replace the Post-Detection Science and Technology Subcommittee which existed under the former IAA SETI Committee.

Chair: Paul Davies, USA
Deputy Chair: Carol Oliver, Australia

Terms of Reference:

  1. The SETI Post-Detection Subcommittee exists under the authority of the IAA SETI Permanent Commmittee (SPC) and will report to it annually.


  2. The purpose of the Subcommittee is to prepare, reflect on, manage, advise, and consult in preparation for and upon the discovery of a putative signal of extraterrestrial intelligent (ETI) origin.


  3. The Subcommittee is empowered to call upon other consultants for specialist help.


  4. The membership of the Subcommittee shall be interdisciplinary and international.


  5. Membership of the Subcommittee will be as deemed necessary by the chair.


  6. The chair of the Subcommittee will be appointed by the SPC, and the chair may appoint one or more deputies as he/she sees fit.


  7. The Subcommittee aims the raise the profile of SETI.


Members of the Post-Detection Taskgroup (February 2008)


Ivan Almar Konkoly Observatory, Hungary
Stephen Baxter British Interplanetary Society, UK
Paul Davies Arizona State University, USA
Kathryn Denning York University, Canada
John Elliott Leeds University, UK
Claudio Maccone International Academy of Astronautics, Italy
Karl Menten Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie, Germany
Ian Morison Jodrell Bank Observatory, UK
Paolo Musso Universita dell'Insubria, Italy
Ray Norris CSIRO Australia Telescope, Australia
Carol Oliver Australian Centre for Astrobiology, Australia
Tom Pierson SETI Institute, USA
Margaret Race SETI Institute, USA
V. Radhakrishnan Raman Research Institute, India
Martin Rees Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK
Seth Shostak SETI Institute, USA
H. Paul Shuch SETI League, USA
William Stoeger Vatican Observatory, USA
Jill Tarter SETI Institute, USA
Doug Vakoch SETI Institute, USA
Lori Walton Tigerstar Geoscience, Canada
Dan Werthimer University of California at Berkeley, USA