IAA.9 28th Review Meeting on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

October 1999

SETI Science and Technology


Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), I. Almar (Hungary)
Chairmen: R. Norris (Australia), H. Butcher (Netherlands)
Rapporteur: S. Shostak (USA)


Number Title First Author
9.1.01 Project Phoenix Enters Adulthood S. Shostak
9.1.02 Bioastronomy '99: A Synopsis, and An Updated Target List for Project Phoenix J. Tarter
9.1.03 A New IAA Cosmic Study: Establishing a Radio Observatory on the Moon Farside J. Heidmann
9.1.04 Can We Detect Extra-Solar Technology in the Cosmic Ray Spectrum? J. Schneider
9.1.05 How Old is ET? R. Norris
9.1.06 The Array of Search Strategies A. Tough
9.1.07 Southern SERENDIP Project: SETI Candidate Analysis Using Neural Network and Statistical Techniques D. Taylor
9.1.08 Language in Signals: The Detection of Generic Species-Independent Intelligent Language Features in Symbolic and Oral Communications J. Elliott
9.1.09 Large-size Message Construction for ETI:
Typing Static Relations
A. Ollongren
9.1.10 Communicating Scientifically Formulated Spiritual Principles in Interstellar Messages D. Vakoch


Interdisciplinary Connections


Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), I. Almar (Hungary)
Chairmen: T. Pierson (USA), F. Israel (Netherlands)
Rapporteur: S.E. Doyle (USA)


Number Title First Author
9.2.01 Annual Pesek Lecture:
SETI and Society - Decision Trees
J. Billingham
9.2.02 Confirmation of ETI: Initial Organizational Response A. Harrison
9.2.03 The Case of EQ Peg: Challenge and Response C. Oliver
9.2.04 Contact With Advanced ETI: Implications for a New World Order P. Schenkel
9.2.05 withdrawn  
9.2.06 SETI Education for the Public R. Bhathal
9.2.07 The Biggest Challenges in the 28 Days Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Panel Discussion J. Tarter