A4. 35th Symposium on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

2 - 6 October, 2006

SETI I: Technical Aspects
Monday afternoon, 2 October, 2006 15:30 PM
Room 8


Coordinators: C. Maccone (Italy), S Shostak (USA)
Chairs: R. Norris (Australia), P. Shuch (USA)
Rapporteur: S. Shostak (USA)


Number Title First Author
A4.1.01 Updating the San Marino Scale H. P. Shuch
A4.1.02 Large-size message construction for ETI A. Ollongren
A4.1.03 Evolutionary epic as an integrative theme for interstellar message composition D. Vakoch
A4.1.04 Speeding up SETI searches by hundreds of times S. Shostak
A4.1.05 Six Berkeley SETI programs D. Werthimer
A4.1.06 Astropulse J. Von Korff
A4.1.07 The ITASEL project C. Cosmovici
A4.1.08 Itasel/Seti Italia new programmable spectrum analyser S. Montebugnoli
A4.1.09 SETI@GRID J. Monari
A4.1.10 Challenges in the first all-sky optical SETI C. Mead
A4.1.11 Initial results from Harvard all-sky optical SETI A. Howard
A4.1.12 Challenges of 'cosmic archaeology' searches for ETI R. Carrigan
A4.1.13 Annual Pesek Lecture:
SETI, Extrasolar Planets Searches, and Interstellar Flight: When Are They Going To Merge?
C. Maccone


SETI II: Interdisciplinary Aspects
Tuesday morning, 3 October, 2006, 10:10 AM
Room 8


Coordinators: C. Maccone (Italy), S Shostak (USA)
Chairs: K.Denning (Canada), D. Vakoch (USA)
Rapporteur: A. Ollongren (Netherlands)


Number Title First Author
A4.2.01 First Annual Billingham Cutting-Edge Lecture:
The postbiological universe
S. Dick
A4.2.02 Ten thousand revolutions K. Denning
A4.2.03 Rethinking ETI A. Tough
A4.2.04 Sustainability: a tedious path to a galactic colonisation Y. Dutil
A4.2.05 What the Fermi Paradox tells us about the dangers of active SETI P. Musso
A4.2.06 A semantic 'engine' for universal translation J. Elliott
A4.2.07 Describing the probabilistic nature of human behavior in interstellar messages D. Vakoch
A4.2.08 Gamma ray bursters and the emergence of life R. Norris
A4.2.09 Search for intelligence P. Jukola
A4.2.10 Rules for first contact R. Lee
A4.2.11 Other worlds, other gods S. Woolf