IAA.1.1 34th Symposium on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

SETI I: Technical Aspects
Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 08:30 AM
Room: Palace Room B


Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), C. Oliver (Australia)
Session Co-Chairs: C. Maccone (Italy), S. Shostak (USA)
Rapporteur: H. P. Shuch (USA)


Number Title First Author
A4.1.01 Withdrawn  
A4.1.02 Advantages of Active SETI D. Vakoch
A4.1.03 The San Marino Scale:
a New Analytical Tool for Assessing Transmission Risk
I. Almar
A4.1.04 Effects of Collisions upon a Partial Dyson Sphere R. DeBiase
A4.1.05 SETI Activities at Kyushu Tokai University M. Fujishita
A4.1.06 Withdrawn  
A4.1.07 Short-Pulse SETI S. Shostak
A4.1.08 Withdrawn  
A4.1.09 Definition of a SETI Search L. Walton
A4.1.10 The ITASEL Project C. Maccone
A4.1.11 On the Wings of Copernicus:
Further Implications of Discovering Life in the Solar System
J. Rummel



SETI II: Interdisciplinary Aspects
Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 14:30 PM
Room: Palace Room B


Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), C. Oliver (Australia)
Session Co-Chairs: D. Vakoch (USA), H. P. Shuch (USA)
Rapporteur: J. Elliott (UK)


Number Title First Author
A4.2.01 The Equant Node of Oblivion
The Eighth Major Aspect of the Quiet Axis,
A Nearly 40-year Cosmic Artistic/Poetic Construction
L. Burgess
A4.2.02 Withdrawn  
A4.2.03 "L" on Earth K. Denning
A4.2.04 A Study on Interstellar Storytelling H. Letaw
A4.2.05 Withdrawn  
A4.2.06 Withdrawn  
A4.2.07 Astrobiology: A Pathway Towards Adult Scientific Literacy? C. Oliver
A4.2.08 Withdrawn  
A4.2.09 Testing a Claim of Extraterrestrial Technology H. P. Shuch
A4.2.10 A Post-Detection Decipherment Matrix J. Elliott
A4.2.11 Past and Future of Astronomy and SETI Cast in Maths C. Maccone