IAA.1.1 33rd Symposium on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
and Other Profound Extraterrestrial Discoveries

October 4 - 8, 2004

SETI I: Science and Technology
Tuesday, October 5, 2004, 08:30 AM
Room: Crystal Ball C


Coordinators: R. Malina (France), D. Vakoch (USA)
Chairs: C. Maccone (Italy), S. Shostak (USA)
Rapporteur: A. Tough (Canada)


Number Title First Author The Top 200 Candidates from 25 Years of Berkeley SETI D. Werthimer Progress Report on the Allen Telescope Array J. Tarter The Allen Telescope Array: Commensural and Efficient SETI D. DeBoer Sensitive Detection of Coherence K. Cullers A New System for the SETI-Italia Data Analysis S. Montebugnoli Limitations for Pure Dyson Sphere Searches R. Carrigan Winning the SETI Olympiad: the Role of the Dedicated Amateur P. Shuch NASA Gateways at L1 and L2 and the Radio-Quiet Moon Farside Imperative C. Maccone Concept for Very Large Space Based Radio Telescope for SETI R. DeBiase Quantum Optical Cryptography and SETI W. Simmons The Evolutionary Neurobiology of SETI L. Marino



SETI II: Managing the Communication of Dramatic Extraterrestrial Discoveries
Tuesday, October 5, 2004, 14:30 PM
Room: Crystal Ball C


Coordinators: R. Malina (France), D. Vakoch (USA)
Chairs: L. Laidet (France), C. Oliver (Australia)
Rapporteur: J. Tarter (USA)


Number Title First Author Communicating the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life M. Race Got Life? Hours of Boredom Followed by Moments of Sheer Terror J. Rummel Public Communication in Close-Up Contact A. Tough An Exploration of the "ET Hacker" Concept M. Langston Limits on Interstellar Messages S. Shostak Large-Size Message Construction for ETI A. Ollongren Social Choice and Equity Theory Y. Dutil Narratives Approaches to Encoding Altruism in Interstellar Messages D. Vakoch Prepared to Manage Extraterrestrial Information J. Arnould Philosophical and Religious Implications of Extraterrestrial Life P. Musso