IAA.9 31st Review Meeting on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

October 10 - October 19, 2002


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New SETI facilities enlarge the search
Tuesday, October 15, 2002, Morning
George R. Brown Convention Center, Room 311


Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), D. Vakoch (USA), F. Raulin (France)
Chairs: J. Tarter (USA), C. Maccone (Italy)
Rapporteur: A. Tough (Canada)


Number Title First Author
9.1.01 Annual Pesek Lecture:
Promising new approaches in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
F. Drake
9.1.02 The Very Small Array: proof-of-concept for Array2k P. Shuch
9.1.03 Update on the Square Kilometer Array J. Tarter
9.1.04 The lunar farside radio lab study of the IAA C. Maccone
9.1.05 Trials of omni-directional sky survey telescopes K. Cullers
9.1.06 The Rio Scale applied to fictional SETI detections S. Shostak
9.1.07 withdrawn  
9.1.08 The use of antimatter as a power source by extraterrestrial civilizations M. Harris
9.1.09 Searching for ET with help from three million volunteers D. Werthimer


Who will speak for Earth? What will they say? When will they say it?
Tuesday, October 15, 2002, Afternoon
George R. Brown Convention Center, Room 311


Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), D. Vakoch (USA), F. Raulin (France)
Chairs: J. Rummel (USA), D. Vakoch (USA)
Rapporteur: P. Sterns (USA)


Number Title First Author
9.2.01 SETI and astrobiology: Contact - a youth perspective W. Marshall
9.2.02 Educating the next generation of SETI scientists E. DeVore
9.2.03 Communicating with ETI: five needed steps A. Tough
9.2.04 Ten decisions that could shake the world M. Michaud
9.2.05 Artificial exo-society modeling J. Gardner
9.2.06 Communicating concepts about altruism in interstellar messages D. Vakoch
9.2.07 Information theory applied to dolphin whistle vocalizations S. Doyle
9.2.08 Corpus linguistics and the design of a response message E. Atwell
9.2.09 YOUNG - a cryptoanalytic toolkit for SETI Y. Dutil
9.2.10 The filtration of inter-galactic objets trouves J. Elliott