Chair: Claudio Maccone, Italy (download CV)

Terms of Reference

The Lunar Farside Radio Laboratory Study Group (IAA S12) was authorized in 2001 to replace a Lunar SETI Subcommittee established by the IAA SETI Committee at its business meeting during the IAF 46th Congress in Oslo in 1995.

Its primary goal is to examine aspects to ensure the long term future of SETI in the presence of ever-increasing manmade radio emission. Its underlying initial option is to take advantage of the still pristine farside of the Moon and aims at the establishment there of a dedicated radio observatory.

It will prompt forums where workers of all relevant fields are invited to contribute papers and participate in discussions: scientists, engineers, lawyers, policy makers, industrialists...; in astronomy, astronautics, space law, telecommunications, robotics, telepresence..., together with cross-links from cultural to hardware managements.

When appropriate, the Study Group will collaborate with learned bodies: International Committee of Space Research (COSPAR), International Institute of Space Law, International Astronomical Union, International Telecommunications Union, Space agencies, and other committees of the Academy and of the Federation with an interest in SETI. Already a promising collaboration was initiated with COSPAR around a new IAA Cosmic Study.



Dr. Claudio Maccone (Chair) Italy
Dr. John Billingham USA
Dr. Aldo A. Cocca Brazil
Mr. Robert DeBiase USA
Dr. Jon Jenkins USA
Dr. Michael Michaud USA
Ms. Carol Oliver Australia
Mr. Thomas Pierson USA
Dr. Seth Shostak USA
Dr. Jill Tarter USA
Dr. Kelvin Wellington Australia


Download Lunar Farside Radio Lab: a report of the Subcommittee, prepared by Claudio Maccone for the IAA, May 2002 (Portable Document Format)  

Note: the above report, as amended, was adopted by the IAA at the 2002 World Space Congress in Houston. As of the 2003 International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, publication of the final report was anticipated shortly, pending appropriate peer review.